Venom® Releases the All-New Venom BlackBook Zero 15 Phantom & Zero 17 Phantom

A powerful business grade 15″ and 17” Ultraportable.

The all new Venom BlackBook Zero 15 Phantom and Zero 17 Phantom is currently available for pre order on starting from $1299 USD, $2299 AUD, £949, €1099. Worldwide Shipping is free via DHL global express.

Full speciation’s of the BlackBook Zero 15 Phantom and BlackBook Zero 17 Phantom ca be found on

The momentous movements continue for Venom, our most powerful, mobile 15” and 17” BlackBook ever. As with every BlackBook, this BlackBook also includes an external recovery drive which will bring your BlackBook back to factory settings in under 5 minutes, and as with every BlackBook Zero two internationally compliant Power adaptors are included. One for the Office and one for home.

Built to the principles of “work from anywhere” Business – Class.

The BlackBook Zero 15 and 17 Phantom is built on the award winning BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom. Made of an Aerospace grade Magnesium Alloy. Coated in signature Imperial Graphite Black the timeless and minimalist appearance is maintained as throughout our line-up. The cut weight has allowed for us to include an enormous 72.9WH battery, combined with our Ultra low power panel which utilises up to 70% less power by consuming 1.65 W as opposed to other ultralight laptops that typically have panels that consume in the 3-4 W range. A laptop screen typically accounts for approximately 60-80% of power consumption. The BlackBook Zero 15/17 Phantom has a 100% sRGB Venom Vision Anti-Glare LED panel. Simply. The important of high quality visuals continue to be maintained.

The Zero 15/17 Phantom has Thunderbolt 4, multiple USB ports, micro SD, a full sized HMDI port, 3.5mm in/out audio jack and a dedicated DC Jack. The perfect combination of legacy and future proofing. Your old equipment matters and the equipment you are about to acquire in the future does so, equally.

User Definable Active Venom Stealth cooling means that you can control fan speed and noise as well as system temperature. Pre-built in user controllable settings allow for this.

Intel 11th Gen CPU with Intel Iris Xe graphics have excellent thermal and performance properties (thermals are superior to AMD’s, extremely important in a mobile platform) Longevity is key for Venom.

The Zero 15/17 Phantom also has Flexicharging , the longevity of lithium ion batteries depends on the number of charge cycles. Micro charging to 100% while plugged into the mains shortens the overall lifecycle of the battery. With the Flexicharger enabled at a range of start charge at 40% and stop charge at 80%, your BlackBook can operate without effecting the battery charge levels by operating outside of these ranges meaning you will not have a battery discharging while plugged in.

User definable multi-colour. Multi-illumination levels on the back lit keyboard. Our focus and commitment in providing enough travel height and tactile response to each key stroke is maintained again.

The BlackBook Zero 15 and 17 Phantom, utilize the fastest available memory on earth at up 3200 MHZ and a whopping total of up to 64GB. The really impressive piece is the SSD utilised. We use the world’s fastest SSD at up to an incredible 7000 mb/s. This makes all the difference while the Zero 15 and 17 Phantom also supports up to 4TB SSD! With a dual SSD setup meaning your data can be on one drive and your applications on the other. Built in data protection and security.

Windows Hello with facial recognition, means you can verify users as well as have high quality video conferencing.

Our batteries, RAM and SSD are all very easily serviceable this makes it easy to deploy globally, or remotely as well as upgrade and refurbish. It’s all about being really fast for a long time.

Designed with Venom’s Total Value Lifecycle In Mind

Venom continues to offer its industry leading trade in program. Receive a post purchase trade in, by trading in your up to 7 year old i7 BlackBook when purchasing from to receive in cash $400USD/$500AUD. We give our customers up to 30 days to do this so they have enough time to transfer their data across. How can we do this? Well our computers are faster and last much longer. Its cause is dubbed as the Panasonic effect, It doesn’t pay to make products that last a long time. However it turns out true sustainability is when your products last a long time. The average BlackBook user currently sits at 5 years plus. Old BlackBooks, get cleaned up, and on sold for another round of ownership. True sustainability. Really fast computers, turn out to be fast computers in the future still. Our current customers are our future suppliers.

The Zero 15/17 Phantom will run all business applications, most creator applications as long as no 3-D rendering is required, for that, we have the BlackBook Pro range.

This is by far the best laptop we have ever made and we believe to be the best 15” and 17” Ultraportable available on earth right now.

Pricing and Availability
The Venom BlackBook Zero 15 Phantom is available with the Intel Core i7 processor with 8/16/32/64GB memory, 500GB/1tb/2TB X 2 M.2 PCIe Gen 4 SSD at up to 7000 mb/s, 14.” FHD IPS Venom Vision Display, Thunderbolt 4, Windows 10/11 Professional starting from $1299 USD ($2,299 AUD with our fair reasonable use warranty).

The Venom BlackBook Zero 17 Phantom is available with the Intel Core i7 processor with 8/16/32/64GB memory, 500GB/1tb/2TB X 2 M.2 PCIe Gen 4 SSD at up to 7000 mb/s, 14.” FHD IPS Venom Vision Display, Thunderbolt 4, Windows 10/11 Professional starting from $1349 USD ($2,399 AUD with our fair reasonable use warranty).

Additional technical information and build options can be found

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