Our Story

“Break Free”

The “Break Free” mantra is at the heart of Venom; it defines us. Creativity and innovation flourish in freedom, accelerating productivity which delivers a higher quality of life.

Venom designs, engineers and manufactures the world’s most powerful personal computers – breaking boundaries within the personal computer ecosystem.

Our Story

The desire to always take things to the next level has led Venom to manufacture computers ourselves, the way they should have always been manufactured, properly. The traditional PC industry is driven by multinational corporations who are dictated by quarterly earnings and the end user has been lost. The race to the bottom was out of our hands, there were no good PC’s so we decided to do something about it and turned to designing and engineering our own performance computers. Venom performance computers was born.

Our Belief

Knowledge is power – why should we deny ourselves knowledge, why should we accept existing barriers? The first step to answers – is to question.

Compromise on an aesthetic level or compromise on a functional level is not acceptable to us. If we can’t do it well then we don’t do it. With every concept, every development and every product we dream of the perfect computer, this is what drives us – always. On this journey, we follow our mantra, the one that unites us all. It doesn’t have a name or a title. It just is.

Knowledge is Power – Break Free

The first step to freedom is knowledge. Through the utilization of knowledge we can obtain the power to break free.

From our beginning, we have always strived to translate knowledge into power in the most penetrating way possible. It is not simply about more power. It is about more harnessed power. The computer is only as powerful as the user. To harness power we need knowledge.

Our Vision

In life when the final outcome means everything and losing is not an option – we search deep within ourselves to find the ultimate weapon to make our outcome a positive one.

Venom is a perfect example of knowledge is power. Venomous animals have developed and adapted venom to their environment thus becoming maximally efficient in removing the threat or taking down its prey. It is the equalizing factor, where the smaller animal can take on the larger, faster, stronger animal. Venom is nature’s greatest bio-engineered weapon and it is what gives nature’s less privileged creatures a shot at the animal kingdom’s title.

The snake represents knowledge in many cultures. Good or evil. Poison or medicine. The venom is only as powerful as the user – humans have used knowledge to harvest venom and use this for medicinal purposes. These people have pushed the boundaries to find the positive use for venom – they broke through the barrier.

It all starts with an Idea