Our Story

What We Do

Venom intelligently designs, engineers, and manufactures personal computers for discerning businesses and individual prosumers, who expect reliability, and a high level of functionality, within an elegantly formed device, which operates as a stylish, efficient, high-performance computer.

Our Vision

We strive for improvement, advancement, enhancement – always looking for superior technology, better aesthetics, exceptional quality. This thirst to ‘make things better’ is why we create technology that is highly advanced, while beautifully formed, and functional; developed locally, desired globally.

Our Story

The desire to always take things to the next level has led Venom to manufacture computers ourselves. We were dissatisfied with existing solutions and believed we could produce solutions which would exceed existing options. From this resolve, the customer-focused PC was born. The race to the bottom was now complete, the time had arrived for a great PC. Venom Computers began designing and manufacturing mission critical desktop computers in 2008 and was officially born in 2010. The creation of the first multi-award-winning, Venom BlackBook notebook computer soon followed, born from our principles of intelligent design.

Our Logo

Our snake symbol represents knowledge in many cultures. Today’s source and centre of knowledge is Information Technology. Humans have used knowledge to break free from convention, and improve their lives, since ancient man made his first tool. Our logo is the symbol of this. Knowledge, empowering people to break free from convention, to assist in the pursuit of intelligent performance.

Our Belief 

Start the journey of improvement. Neither compromise on an aesthetic level, nor on a functional level, is acceptable to us. If we can’t do it well then, we don’t do it. With every concept, we dream of the perfect device. Along this journey, we follow our mantra. Born from “Knowledge is power” came our ability to “Break Free” in pursuit of:

“Intelligent Performance”

We believe the best way to create the momentum to obtain knowledge is via information creation devices, the personal computer.  While certain devices may be good enough for some, we recognise others require more; the ability to go faster, and to intelligently perform beyond a median plateau of average.

Why “Intelligent Performance”

The “Intelligent Performance” mantra is the core of Venom; it defines us, it is our calling. Creativity and innovation flourish in freedom, accelerating productivity, which, in turn, delivers a superior quality of life for all. It is why we break free from convention, in the pursuit of intelligent performance, because ideas, concepts, mechanisms, devices; can always be better.

It all starts with an Idea