Revamping Tech Sustainability: Venom Cuts E-Waste by 53% with Circular Economy Strategy

Venom Reduces E-Waste by 53% through Circular Economy Approach

Melbourne, Australia (May 27, 2024) – Venom, a manufacturer of performance-oriented laptops, has achieved a significant milestone: over 50% of its current Venom BlackBook notebook sales include a trade-in, which is then refurbished. These refurbished BlackBooks avoid recycling, downcycling, landfill, or incineration by re-entering the supply chain as fully functional notebook computers, thereby significantly reducing e-waste.

In a world where electronic waste is growing five times faster than recycling efforts can keep up and where only 12.5% of e-waste is recycled, with 85% ending up in landfills or incinerators, it’s clear that reducing e-waste is crucial. In the US and many other countries, 80% of e-waste is shipped back to Asia, and e-waste constitutes 70% of our overall toxic waste.

Venom’s commitment to reducing e-waste began in 2015 with the launch of the Venom Value Cycle, a circular economy initiative. By designing notebook computers that wouldn’t become waste at the end of their life, Venom integrated the principles of “Intelligent Performance” with sustainability in mind from the start. Jaan Turon, Head of Hardware at Venom, stated, “What if our current customers are our future suppliers? When a notebook computer retains commercial value even after its initial life, customers can be paid in cash for an asset worth owning, while simultaneously reducing environmental impact. Future customers don’t have to subsidize recycling costs, governments and taxpayers save money, and our planet benefits. It’s a rare, true win-win-win scenario.”

The Venom Value Cycle ensures that laptop computers are designed and manufactured to be easily cleaned, serviced, repaired, and upgraded. Components such as batteries, keyboards, and screens are built to last and be serviceable, while processors, memory, and storage drives are designed to meet future computing performance needs.

Recently, Venom was recognized for its commitment to sustainability by winning the Best Business Laptop award from HPL. Venom offers up to $500 in cash for trade-ins of Venom BlackBooks up to seven years old, providing customers with 30 days to send in their old BlackBooks, which are then refurbished and given a second life.

Venom computers are committed to implementing and continuously improving a real-world model of sustainable performance computing. Venom BlackBooks are available globally at


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