Venom® Releases the All-New Venom BlackBook Flip Mini 11

A multi-use 2-in-1 convertible notebook computer.

Melbourne, Australia – 1 April 2018 – Venom today releases one of its newest designs yet and its first 2-in-1 and touch-enabled device.

“We never strived to be the first. It has always been about the best. It took us some time to bring a 2-in-1 product to market, however, it had to be the best, and we believe the BlackBook Flip Mini 11 is unlike anything else out there.” said Jaan Turon.

Designed and built for 360° Flexibility

Following up on Venom’s award winning Ultrabook, the Venom BlackBook Zero 14, the intention was to design a modern PC that would make full use of all of Windows 10’s newest features, and then be able to do it in the best possible way, while taking it into new usage scenarios.

“The office can be found everywhere and anywhere. Our customers are not restricted to working in the traditional designated office space. We needed to design around a moving and ever expansive office environment that empowered users to go wherever it is they needed to do work.” said Jaan Turon.

The 2-in-1 versus the traditional clamshell design has polarised users. At Venom we continue to design and make purpose-built machines. The intention was to make a device that would suit students and the mobile office as a secondary machine for productivity. The active stylus pen is included with the BlackBook Flip Mini so that all usage modes can be utilised. The traditional laptop mode, stand mode, tent mode and tablet mode are accessible straight out of the box.

There is an added tough element added, ensuring the BlackBook Flip Mini 11 is powerful enough for the classroom or field while being rugged enough for the road or indoors. It has been drop tested to withstand a 70cm fall as well as withstand up 100ml of fluid on the keyboard. The fanless design is both silent and intended to improve reliability and expand the environments in which the BlackBook Flip Mini 11 can operate. Windows Ink, Windows Hello and Cortana are all supported and included from the get go. There is a unique retractable handle that is incorporated into its minimalistic design.

Designed with Total Value Lifecycle In Mind

Each subcomponent has been treated as a whole and vice versa. This means each component is serviceable and replaceable and the BlackBook Flip Mini 11 has been designed to continue in the near, mid and long-term future both as a singular product and platform, which will be updated and refreshed. We have also ensured that at the end of the life of each individual asset it will be recycled and accounted for. The monetary aspect being only one part of the whole, the asset can be utilised in a purposeful and meaningful way when it comes to being on time, on budget and on value performance. The BlackBook Flip Mini 11 can be viewed as an individual asset as well as part of a larger fleet when taking into account the total cost of ownership.

The BlackBook Flip Mini 11 uses the latest low-voltage Pentium processors and graphics, with fast SSDs, high-speed, lower power consuming memory, and an advanced award winning thermally efficient & silent fanless design. It comes with an external USB recovery drive (10 minute recovery) and a full version of internet security software, and also comes with two power adapters; one for home and the other for away.

Pricing and Availability
The Venom BlackBook Flip Mini 11 is available with the Intel Pentium Quad Core processor with 8GB LPDDR3 memory, 256GB M.2 SSD, 11.6” HD IPS Venom Vision Display, Windows 10 Professional and an active digital stylus for $799 USD ($1,399 AUD with 1 Year warranty).

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