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The Venom BlackTop Range

Built and assembled by expert artisans to meet our exacting standards, ensures top level craftsmanship. The result: high quality custom built desktop performance computers. The Venom BlackTop is offered in a variety of performance levels with the range consisting of the Cobra, Viper and Taipan.


BlackTop Cobra

BlackTop Cobras are a level up in performance and give that extra needed uncompromising, unrestricted, power. As with all Venom BlackTops the Cobra is also made of 100% Aluminium allowing for high speed cooling and acoustic properties. Thermally optimised to keep heat away from key components, the BlackTop Cobras are crafted with performance graphics cards and top end processors as standard. Built by our artisans for raw speed and performance, the BlackTop Cobra has the attitude to match.


BlackTop Viper

The BlackTop Viper employs the next level of speed and stealth as standard. Taking things one notch higher is never easy but with solid state technologies and super-fast memory the BlackTop Viper guarantees that extra un-hindered stealth and performance. Like a true viper its strike is only noticeable once it’s already been administered. Hand crafted by our expert artisans ensures the build quality of the BlackTop Viper matches its superior speed and agility. A performance pack with the speed to outperform all rivals. The Viper focuses even more on solid state technology and flash memory to provide its improvements in thermal and acoustic efficiency.



BlackTop Taipan

You can never have enough speed, power and performance, the BlackTop Taipan has the most extreme end performance of all computer components commercially available to mankind. The Taipan just like the creature it is named after is the most potent of all, hand crafted by our artisans, built with precession and the latest technologies incorporated without compromise. Ultimate performance is what the standard expectation is; ready to handle everything you can throw at it.

BlackTop Taipan Limited Edition (LTD)

A ruthlessly fast and aggressive Venom PC, The BlackTop Taipan Limited Edition is available in limited numbers to exclusive customers who want stealth, aggression and performance. Its legend precedes itself and the BlackTop Taipan LTD does not need to show its colours. Our expert artisans with over 25 years of PC building experience have designed and built the BlackTop Taipan LTD with superior performance in mind.


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